Wednesday, January 25, 2012

BEWARE of Kindergarten

So Kindergarten...mostly filled with a bunch of 5 and 6 year old kids who have saucers for eyes and missing teeth. Man they are cute...but don't let that cuteness fool you. They are artists in training...they must be taught EVERYTHING. From how to stand in line to wash hands, how to use a pencil sharpener correctly and how to cap a marker so it doesn't dry out. These little doe eyed cuties are artists for you to mold-so instead of looking at it as an inconvenience take it as a challenge. Once these pint size Picasso's learn the minor details of classroom behavior they are sponges waiting to be soaked with knowledge.  I always break down Kindergarten into the simplicity of art - projects based of shapes, color knowledge and art vocabulary(words like symmetrical and overlapping). So what their motor skills are a little off par if you give them projects that don't challenge them and show them your standards they won't ever reach the ability you want them too. So take it slow, step by step, one direction at a time and  by the time these kids hit first grade they are rearing and ready to go... this picture is of a kindergarten piece. Using Piet Mondrian as our muse, students learn about primary colors, line, overlapping and asymmetry. That is a lot of of stuff for one lesson- this isn't just cut and paste,  not in my room anyways!

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